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As the owner of Pinnacle Dream Homes, Derek’s role is building investor/banker relationships, land acquisition, and business development. He has built over 5,000 homes for individuals and families over the past 16 years. Growing up with his father in the industry, he has a hands-on approach to learning every aspect of the building process. With his wife Shannon and three children his main focus, his goal is to become successful so he may hand over the company to them to continue his legacy.


Tom Masters is the Chief Executive Officer of Pinnacle Dream Homes, he has gained a wealth of broad-based experience resulting from a diversified entrepreneurial career. These diverse activities were derived from business involvement and project development in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, and Kuala Lumpur. As a result of the wide variety of business endeavors Mr. Masters has been associated with during his career he has gained a significant insight into the challenges that entrepreneurs face in today’s competitive business environment.


Michael is the Chief Operating Officer, he comes to Pinnacle with an extensive portfolio of operational success. His leadership and logistical background in aviation, rail and port operations deliver a Big picture, lean thinking approach to our operations team and are sure to position Pinnacle in the forefront of the industry. Before coming to Pinnacle, Michael’s career in the Rail industry was a fast track moving from Locomotive Engineer to Vice President of Operations. Michael’s success consistently delivers Operational excellence with the highest degree of safety.


Wayne is the founder and owner of Pinnacle Dream Homes. At the age of 12, his entrepreneurial spirit led him to sell Amway door-to-door in the 1960’s. That same entrepreneurial spirit led him to become one of the largest and most recognized home builders in Texas. His family is honored to have a father that gave them the hard work ethic that has made them successful. His purpose in life is to see every home sold result in a soul for the Kingdom.


Benjamin is the Sales and Marketing Director for Pinnacle Dream Homes. He is responsible for marketing, construction loan processing, sales management and training. Benjamin served in the United States Navy, is an avid sports fan, and has completed several marathons. He lives with his wife Genevieve, a property manager, and their two dogs.


Antonio is a Head Superintendent for Pinnacle Dream Homes. He supervises the home building process, negotiates with contractors and suppliers, and keeps the building process on schedule. He has been in the construction industry for over 20 years. His attitude and attention to detail consistently give our customers peace of mind over the building of their home. He’s a loving father to three children, and his character and integrity reflect in his work and family life.

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Why Choose Pinnacle? Pinnacle Dream Home answers the when, where, how, and why to all your home buying questions.
WHY- The reason Pinnacle Dream Homes is not as stressful as other builders is that our process of home construction is like no other. We have formulated a beginning to end program with our subcontractors and vendors that takes all the dead time and mishaps of completion out of the equation. Our time frame from the day the tractor shows up to grade your lot to handing you the keys at closing is 30 to 60 days. Staying on time and on budget is just as important to Pinnacle Construction & Design as communication with our clients and affiliates. Construction is all about keeping up with the latest innovations, efficiency, and costs as well as being able to stop and truly comprehend a client’s wants and needs. Reliability and trust have to be a factor when hiring any company; but even more so when it comes to construction. Construction codes and regulations are very critical, and ever changing just as the latest trends. We gladly go thru a step by step process that eliminates worry and assures you that our staff has a complete understanding of your desired final expectation. Expect and receive nothing less than your project deserves.
WHERE- We build on your lot or ours. We have subdivisions in the Greater Austin, Houston and San Antonio markets. We also have acquired lots in all surrounding areas of the two metropolex’s of Dallas. Ask your new homes sales consultant for details.
WHY- It’s never a bad decision when purchasing a home. Some say because of economic times it’s the wrong time to buy. Pinnacle guarantees a quality product. We often strive to leave our new homeowners with equity, from day one, so there purchase is a great investment. Our staff care is above average when it comes to your needs and concerns. They will be your second set of eyes and keep you up to date and aware of every small detail. We offer a free educational course for those who have had a misfortune and are starting all over. We will take you through a 12 step program from monthly budgeting, to savings, and addressing past credit issues. Our courses are a proven winner!!
HOW- We take you on a journey from the first meeting with consultation all the way through to handing you the keys to your new home at closing. Our process is very user friendly. See our qualifying process for details.

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